Nobel Prize Committee Scrambles to Redecorate Trump-Themed Celebration Party

Oslo, Norway - 24 May 2018 - Members of the Nobel Prize Committee have been seen running frantically in and out of the conference room at Nobel headquarters after today's announcement of the cancellation of the planned US-North Korean Summit.

"We had been making plans for a victory party for President Trump," said Lars Falsknavn, head of the Nobel Prize Committee's party planning committee. "We had already printed out and hung the banners congratulating him for winning, but this changes everything I suppose."

"Fortunately, we were able to cancel the engraving order on the trophy before the work had started," Falsknavn said.

Normally, the Nobel Prize is awarded as a medal but, according to Falsknavn, President Trump's representatives had insisted the President would be presented with a trophy that stood "at least a foot taller than the man himself."

An anonymous source within the White House confirmed that the President favors awards like those given out a child beauty pageants and, seeing that the Obama administration had not received any like it, wanted to make sure there was at least one giant trophy in the White House to remind everyone the Trump had yet again bested Obama.

Meanwhile, the Nobel Prize Committee will have to scramble to redecorate the conference room for a new Peace Prize winner.

"Tentatively," said Falsknavn, "we're thinking about giving it to anyone who keeps Trump's fingers away from the button."