The Most Patriotic Thing I've Ever Almost Been Directly Involved With

The talented people at Improv Chattanooga host a monthly show that you really should check out when you have the chance. It's called Improv vs Standup and it's a ton of fun.

Each month a line-up of visiting comedians perform short sets of stand-up comedy for the audience. After each stand-up set, the improv troupe then create scenes inspired by or based on the comedy they've just watched. Then after a few minutes of improv performance, the next standup comedian comes to the stage to start the process all over again. (So, basically, a modified Armando show if you happen to live in the world of improv. If you don't, then this parenthetical statement is pretty useless to you in general.)

I was honored to headline the March 31 edition of this show and it was amazingly hilarious. Improv Chattanooga took my premises and punchlines to brand new places and it was fantastic to witness the journey. They were kind enough to share a video of our standup/improv set, so take a peek at the most patriotic thing I've ever almost been directly involved with.

The cast of Improv Chattanooga re-interpret the hilarious stand up of Knoxville Comic, Shane Ryne. (This clip rated R for some strong language and situations.)

For more information about Improv Chattanooga visit them them online at and then, if you're in the area, go see one of their fun shows! I hope to come back at some point and play with the group some more.